Orthokeratology can obviate the use of glasses

You must have seen various advertisements stating that you can get rid of your glasses and rectify your eyesight without the use of surgery. Do you think it is possible? You might have your apprehensions but it is definitely possible. The medical science has improved to such an extent that you can correct your vision problems without surgery or the use of glasses. Orthokeratology is one such process. We shall see how the process works over time in this blog.

However, prior to that, you should have a basic understanding of the eye ailments such as myopia and hyperopia. The Orthokeratology aims at curing these ailments. In the normal course of a human life, myopia and hyperopia are very common ailments. The eyes have to work throughout our lives. Hence, they can tire out as well. It may well happen that your eye ball might lose its shape just a little bit. It can become elongated either horizontally or vertically.

When you experience horizontal elongation, the images of the objects fall inside the eye just in front of the retina. This makes you difficult to see things that are far away. The images of the distant objects become blurred. This is myopia or shortsightedness. At the same time, it can happen that your eyeball can elongate vertically. Under such circumstances the images tend to fall outside the eye and behind the retina. Under such circumstances, you find it difficult to see objects are close to your eyes. This is a condition known as hyperopia. People can experience a combination of both myopia as well as hyperopia as well. One can correct these ailments using glasses or contact lenses. Laser surgery can also help in some cases to rectify some eye ailments.

Naturally, you have to wear the glasses during the time you are awake. When you sleep, you cannot wear these glasses or contact lenses obviously. You have to remove them. This entails that the moment you wake up in the morning you have to reach out for the lenses. This can become a daily routine. You can use the ortho k contacts and dispense with the use of the lenses and glasses.

The Ortho K is a special kind of contact lens that you wear at night while you are asleep. This lens acts as a mold whereby it reshapes the eyeball and makes it as close to perfection as possible. In fact it does not change the shape of the entire eyeball but only alters the front portion of the eyeball with which it is in constant contact. This can correct a person’s short sightedness or long sightedness to a great degree so that the person is able to have clear vision throughout the day.

People whose profession or occupation does not allow them to wear glasses throughout the day can benefit from using the ortho k contacts. Such people include sportspersons where wearing spectacles and contact lenses can interfere with the normal vision. This is literally a kind of a boon for such patients.

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