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What Is Single Cut Gastric Sleeve Surgical Treatment?

Gastric sleeve is a limiting bariatric operation that causes weight-loss by restricting your food consumption and managing appetite pangs. The surgical treatment that might typically be called as sleeve gastrectomy, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy requires lowering the gastric volume to 20-30 % of its initial size.

Undoubtedly, bariatric surgical treatment is among the best developments in dealing with morbid weight problems and weight associated issues. With the development of bariatric surgical treatment came the advancement of minimally-invasive weight-loss surgical treatment strategies and enhanced medical instruments.

Now-a-days all bariatric treatments consisting of gastric sleeve life are extensively carried out through a laparoscopic strategy, making use of which a bariatric specialist makes many small cuts in the belly, rather of making a long medical cut across the abdominal area, to permit passage of the medical instruments to run.

Laparoscopic strategy is definitely amazing; however, bariatric specialists have now produced more non-invasive method that enables the weight-loss cosmetic surgeons to carry out the surgical treatment making use of a single, fairly small laparoscopic cut rather of 5 lacerations.

Sleeve gastrectomy can now possibly be done by simply single laceration! Instead of the traditional multi-incision laparoscopic surgical treatment, single cut gastrectomy is carried out through one medical cut around the belly button, offering client more convenience throughout the procedure.

Single Cut Sleeve Gastrectomy

With a single cut gastric sleeve surgical treatment, the cosmetic surgeon has the ability to get rid of about 85 % of your gastric by making simply one small laceration, frequently less than 1-inch, in the umbilicus, or bellybutton to take full advantage of the client’s convenience level and lessen medical scarring and recuperation time.

Single cut gastric sleeve surgical treatment varies from standard multi-slit laparoscopic surgical treatment in the manner in which a specialist carries out the treatment.Not all clients are prospects for single cut surgical treatment method. The minimally intrusive single laceration sleeve gastrectomy is the favoured technique for those people who:

  • Are overweight with a BMI of 40 or lower
  • Have not had a previous gastric surgical treatment
  • Do have not collected extreme fat in their belly
  • Appreciate the aesthetic look of their post-surgery body